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Have you ever been curious about what your best smile would look like? Have you ever wanted to ask a dentist what is possible? Would you like to get an idea of what a dentist is like before committing to making an appointment? A Virtual Dental Consultation sounds perfect for you!

Whatever your dental goals are, requesting a free virtual dental consult is easy to do and is a simple first step towards whatever those goals are. Whether it's being confident in your smile, being pain-free, or the ability to chew again, we would love to deliver on goals.

Are you after a whiter smile? Would you like to replace missing teeth? Do you feel like you're hiding your teeth for photos? Do you miss eating certain foods? Whatever you would like to achieve, just let us know in your virtual consultation.

You let us know what you want, we let you know how we can help. It's that simple.

What is involved in a Virtual Dental Consultation?

Step 1: We ask some questions in the form below, and you give some short, simple answers. This lets us learn what you would like to learn about your dental health.
Step 2: You upload a headshot and a close up of your smile.
Step 3: Dr Thode will review your submission and respond by video within 7 days with their thoughts and suggestions for you.

*Please note that this can't replace a comprehensive examination in person. A Virtual Smile Consultation is a great opportunity to get a professional's perspective on your current situation, and what could potentially be done. It's also a nice way to get a feel for what Dr Thode is like, and see whether the office is a good fit for you.

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