Dental Insurance

Whether you have insurance through your employer, your union, or the government, we’re happy to provide you with the top-notch dental care you need and then file claims on your behalf. At Cook Street Village Dental, we do not allow insurance to dictate the quality of care we provide our guests. Our office will not base your treatment plan or the quality of care on dental insurance but are more than happy to work with you to make sure you maximise your benefits.

Sydney is an expert in helping you with the financial options that best suit your needs.

Financing Your Dental Treatment

It is understandable that many patients are not able to pay for their entire treatment upfront or in one lump sum. Moreover, we also realize that nobody likes unexpected surprises. That's why one of our team will always sit down with you prior to beginning any dental treatment to review your plan, answer your questions, and develop a financial plan that is right for you.

The team at Cook Street Village Dental are passionate about helping people get the treatment they need. We feel that the most important thing in dentistry is understanding patients. Once we understand patients, we can help them make the best choice for them within their goals and budget.

We are happy to offer several flexible monthly payment plans - with and without interest.

If you have questions about financing your dental treatment, call our office today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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