Meet Our Team

Sophie - Clinical Certified Dental Assistant Lead

Sophie is BC born and bred but went on to complete her advanced dental assistant training in Calgary and spent the last ten years living and working in Alberta. Ultimately, the call of the coast was too strong, and Sophie moved back to British Columbia to live in beautiful Victoria and join our team.

As a wonderful communicator with a love for detail and an easily approachable nature, Sophie is an integral part of our Cook Street Village Dental team. Our modern sterilisation system is strictly managed by Sophie to maintain the highest standards for your safety and wellness. For each of our patients, Sophie completely and clearly explains the processes of each appointment so there is no uncertainty or anxiety about the unknown. Sophie’s extensive clinical experience and training along with her thoughtfulness and attentiveness make her patients feel confident and comfortable in their treatment experience.

Sophie’s non-dental passions include animals and nature- the perfect combination for the West Coast. As an accomplished equestrian, Sophie discovered her love of horses at a young age and she still enjoys spending as much time at the barn as she can, working on the bond and connection that develops between horse and rider. When she’s not at the barn, you’ll find Sophie enjoying exploring Victoria with her dog.

We are so fortunate to have Sophie as our clinical certified dental assistant lead at Cook Street Village Dental and we know you are going to love her as much as we do!

Sydney - Business Administrator

Sydney is the lead administrator here at Cook Street Village Dental - her focus is to make sure your experience at our office is frictionless, enjoyable, and personalized to your individual needs.

Originally from Kelowna, Sydney moved to Victoria and loves all this city has to offer especially year-round gardening. One of the first things you’ll notice when you walk into Cook Street Village Dental is the selection of beautiful plants all thanks to Sydney, a self-professed “green thumb” and plant lover. We love the vitality and freshness Sydney brings to the office not only with her love of botany but her welcoming smile and friendly personality.

A people person at heart, Sydney’s favourite part of the day is interacting with the patients and getting to know the members of the community who pop in to say hello. Sydney’s administrative skills and affable character are one of the main reasons you’ll find Cook Street Village Dental to be the most comfortable and caring dental experience you’ve ever had, and we are so happy to have her as a part of our crew!

Amber - Treatment Coordinator

Amber is our Treatment Coordinator and a certified dental assistant here at Cook Street Village Dental. Originally from the Atlantic coast, Amber has worked across the country to make it to the West Coast and enjoys everything that BC has to offer.

As the Treatment Coordinator, Amber helps make complex treatment plans simple. With years of experience as a clinical dental assistant, Amber knows each step of the treatment plan, and is able to help answer any questions you may have, explain each step of the process, and make sure the whole plan runs smoothly.

An avid hiker and paddle boarder, Amber not only embraces all that the west coast has to offer in terms of activities, but also uses it as inspiration for art. As a creative person, Amber embraces multiple mediums; from painting and drawing to sculpture, inspiration can strike at any time, especially when out exploring with her dog!

As a calm and patient person, Amber is an integral member of the Cook Street Village Dental team, who brings a unique skillset to help guide patients through their dental journey.

Tasha - Registered Dental Hygienist

Tasha is our hygienist here at Cook Street Village Dental and is excited to meet and treat as many friendly faces as possible! An Islander through and through, Tasha grew up in Nanaimo, and attended Vancouver Island University for her clinical training in dental hygiene. After years of practice in Nanaimo, the draw of a bigger city brought Tasha to Victoria, and we’re so glad she chose to join our team!

Tasha is passionate about using her knowledge and clinical experience to educate her patients about the whole-body health benefits that can be gained just by improving one’s oral hygiene. Did you know having inflamed gums can lead to heart disease, make it harder to manage diabetes and is even linked to a higher risk for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Tasha is more than a hygienist who cleans your teeth, she will work with you to find a strategy that can help keep your teeth (and whole body!) in the best shape. Besides her gentle but thorough touch in combination with the most up-to-date knowledge of gum health, one of Tasha’s biggest strengths is her ability to connect with patients.

Tasha’s favourite part of her career is the opportunity to work with her patients as individuals - she loves developing a personalized dental hygiene care plan that takes into account each person’s unique needs, and limitations. Tasha curates a customized approach to managing your gum health and combines it with comprehensive tracking to show you your gains and keep you motivated!

Don’t worry, Tasha wants you to know that Cook Street Village Dental is completely judgment free. You’re never going to get a lecture and you’re not going to be told there is only one way to be treated. Tasha will sit down with you to develop a plan that works specifically for you.

Being new to the city, Tasha is always open to recommendations to try new things. Do you have a favourite restaurant? Hike? Book? Recipe? Tasha would love to hear the recommendations! A keen reader, cook (ask her about her famous seafood pasta!), and hiker who loves to socialise with her friends, Tasha is really looking forward to getting to know you.

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