If you’ve made it to this page, you’re probably embarrassed by your smile. You may have struggled with these issues for years, and it’s held you back in social situations. We know how challenging it is to constantly hide your smile because you’re embarrassed by your teeth.

We have helped so many people get their smile back, so they can:

  • Feel relaxed at social events- when out with friends, family or dating.
  • Go about their day without worrying about strangers making awkward glances at their teeth.

Whatever the reason was that got you to this situation, you’re probably tired of having to think about how your smile looks all day. More than that, you are tired of feeling afraid to talk to new people or smile, as you think they’re going to judge you.

The good news? You don’t have to put up with that any more.

Dr Thode has helped so many patients achieve their new smiles, restoring their confidence, including patients with:

If any of these situations sounds like you, keep reading below for more information on a few of the different options you have to get your smile, and confidence back. If you would prefer, you can send in details for our free Virtual Smile Consultation, to see what sort of options could work for you!

When you’re ready to get your smile back, call us on (778) 486-8408, and setup a consultation at Cook Street Village Dental.

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